How do I create an email address

  • March 2, 2018

To get started creating your email address, you must be be logged into your RedRiverHost account. You can login by visiting: and clicking Login.

From your user dashboard, click on “Packages”, and then the “Package list”option

From your package list, look for the web hosting service package for the account you would like to create an email address, then look for the Actions category and click the “gear” sign which indicates settings or options.

Click "Log in to cPanel"

You will be automatically directed to a new tab, where your cPanel profile is set up.

Scroll the page down to where you have the “email” option. If it does not automatically show the options, there will be a ( + ) on the right end of its line click on it, the options will drop down. 

Click on “Email account

Here, you will be able to create and manage email accounts related your created domain. Insert the name of an account you want set up. E.g

Choose password: you will input your password choice here.

As an admin, you can also manage password type (or strength) by choosing the length or character you would like included in password creation options

When this is done, re-enter the inputted password.

Choose a mailbox quota of your choice. You can choose to set up a send an automated welcome message. It is advisable.

Click on “Create account”.

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